EGO Fishing is a leader in engineering cutting edge gear for the savvy angler.

Brenner Design played a critical role in positioning EGO Fishing as a leader in the sports fishing gear industry. From the beginning in 2007 tell now EGO's strives to engineer and designing gear for the savvy angler. 

In the beginning competitors where watching closely what EGO was doing. However, Brenner Design was watching them too. With in a year of EGO unvailing there new brand one of the top competitors in the fishing net market realized they need to make a change in there brand image to keep up with the progressive band statement EGO was communicating to the market.

"Entrepreneurs that are serious about developing strong, profitable brands must have a savvy designer/marketer on their team. As an independent designer, Keith has integrated seamlessly into our process.  He has done all of the branding and design work for my different businesses for over 10 years. Keith has the ability to think with both the right and left side of his brain.  He understands the importance of ensuring that his creative and design is grounded in intelligent business logic. Our entire professional working relationship has been long distance and it has worked flawlessly.
                                                                                      Grant Corbett - Brenner Design Client
Business Owner/Entrepreneur

In 2010, EGO achieved top honors at the world’s largest fishing trade show with the launch of the EGO S2 Slider Landing Net System, which helped EGO penetrate a large market with top outdoor retailers. Additionally, EGO fishing nets served as the fastest growing product in the fishing department nationally at Cabela’s.


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